Set in the heart of Byron Bay, the New Age Postmodern capital of Australia, The Deep End School is a 9 month ministry training program that will throw you into the Deep End. You will experience training and equipping with plenty of hands-on experience. Not only will you learn all about Postmodern culture, you will also learn how to minister effectively into it!

The Deep End School is a ministry of New Earth Tribe, a missional community that ministers to sections of Western culture that are sometimes neglected by mainstream churches.

Founded in 1998 by Phil and Maria Mason, New Earth Tribe endeavours to embrace the values, the vision and the lifestyle of the first century disciples who built their community on the cornerstone of the revelation of the Kingdom Ministry of Christ as outlined in Luke 4:18-19.

The students who come to Byron Bay to study in the Deep End School find themselves immersed in a worshipping, discipleship oriented community where authentic love and servanthood are core values.

The course is a unique blend of evangelistic training and equipping for church-based ministry. Together, we are on a journey where we are all learning to lay our lives down for one another in order to minister the fullness of the Kingdom Ministry of Christ to one another. The focus of the school is upon the intensive development of kingdom ministry skills and our program is specifically designed to equip you for effective ministry both within the church and into the wider community. 

A significant part of the course is devoted to the development of a deeper understanding of contemporary culture. We explore the mindset and philosophy that constitutes New Age Postmodern culture.

We believe that merely equipping believers to communicate the gospel to Postmodernists is not enough, as essential as this ministry is.

Jesus sought to perpetuate the entire ministry of the kingdom through His disciples His ministry agenda has always been much broader than proclaiming the gospel only. He came to free the captives from the power of sin, to demolish demonic strongholds, to heal the sick, to heal the brokenhearted, to prophetically minister the heart of God and to tangibly demonstrate His love and concern for the poor. Subsequently our training focus is upon the impartation of hands-on ministry skills that are reinforced by learning to minister in the midst of a radicalised Postmodern context. 


Byron Bay is perhaps one of the best places in the world to learn all about authentic grassroots Postmodernism. What we have here in a concentrated form can now be found everywhere throughout the Western world in a diluted form. Byron Bay is not the only significant New Age centre in the world. There are plenty of other New Age centres around the planet. But this is as good a place as any to establish a training centre of this kind because what you will experience here in its concentrated form will equip you to identify it anywhere around the globe in its diluted form.


And if you’re coming from overseas what better way to see the awesome beauty of Australia!


The Deep End School is all about jumping into the DEEP END! Hence the name! We have found that as we have taken the risk and jumped into the deep end…Guess what! Jesus is already there. He’s not intimidated by New Age spirituality and radical Postmodern culture. He is fully conversant with the culture and He wants to teach us how to connect. And more than that, He wants us to take the reality of the power and love of His kingdom to the culture!

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